buy tadalafil dapoxetine Our Medical Pets Fund Assistance Program - FAQ

Because we care to support pet owners who struggle to pay for medical or basic veterinary care to benefit their pet’s health. The Pets Fund provides financial assistance to those who qualify based on the
following categories of care:
  • Fildena 100 mg free shipping Life-threatening injuries or illness that were caused by accidental, medical events or
    non-pet owner caused. Some examples of injuries or illnesses are listed below:

    • Parvovirus (a.k.a. Parvo)
    • Gastric Torsion (a.k.a. Bloat)
    • Kidney Disease (a.k.a. Renal Failure)
    • Lyme Disease
    • Heart-worm Disease
    • Food Poisoning
    • Cancer
    • Fungal Disease
    • Other diseases or illnesses may qualify, therefore please submit a financial assistance application.
  • Urgent care (diagnostic testing, broken bones)
  • Pets must be spayed or neutered prior to obtaining financial assistance.
  • Vaccinations for pets who are at least 12 months old with an existing medical condition that may worsen if vaccinations are not administered.
  • Boarding of pets due to personal or family medical emergency. (Reimbursement method only)