The Pets Fund - Chief Executive Officer

Vito M Zerilli

best place to buy provigil online Vito M Zerilli, was born in San Diego, CA. He lived most of his life in Italy where he grew up in an agricultural family that mainly produced milk and cheeses from sheeps and goats. His passion for animals goes beyond his personal beliefs that people and animals should be treated with the utmost respect.

In 2007, Vito came to live in America, leaving his agricultural background and started his career in the banking industry. Moving up the ranks, he realized that his blessings could spill over to rescue and provide financial assistance to families and animals in need.

Vito Zerilli started The Pets Fund in 2017 as a local supporter of animal rights and privately funded surgery for low income families. His objective and goal in life is becoming a reality with your assistance today.

By funding The Pets Fund, you will be joining the thousands of people who believe in this benevolent project that helps pets to not only get the medical attention they need but also to live a happy life without the worrying of not being able to come to rescue of our beloved pets.

The Pets Fund is about all pets

Whether you have a purebred dog or cat, or a rescued dog or cat, The Pets Fund understands that all pets that are in need of medical assistance and deserve an opportunity to get financial assistance. None of our ambassadors are paid for their contribution, as we believe that our non profit organization should be run with 100% of the proceeds going to who needs the most: our beloved Pets!

Our Story

When you need help or when you least expect it, it can truly be one of the worst things that could have ever happened to you. It's amazing how life just happens especially when your pets are not feeling well or are in need of an urgent medical attention. The Pets Fund started with the thought of helping families and people welcoming animals and providing the medical attention that they deserve no matter of how old they may be or how sick.

We stand our ground in ensuring that all pets are cared for as humanly as possible.

Next Steps...

Our story, mission and vision say it all. We believe in ensuring that a future will be there for many families and pets who need you more than ever...